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Progress doesn't come from early risers, progress is made
by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.
                                    - Lazarus Long (Time Enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlein)

Chris Guerrero - Paradise Road

Check out Chris Guerreros's album, "Paradise Road"

Cover of Paradise Road from Chris Guerrero


Chris Guerrero Paradise Road Vintage Reissue Music

Produced by RB Blackstone /
Additional content and contact info at

This album is one of the best projects I have ever worked on.  Every artist on here is amazing.

Check out Chris at

MiChelle Garibay-Carey sang a wonderful duet on "Someday"
Check out her new album Love Dance while you are at it.

American Idol - David Hernandez

David Hernandez. Wow, what an amazing voice.

I worked with him while he was in San Antonio. We did several television news shows and a live show. Nice to learn that the local stations have Editors and News folks that still have my number on their phones. Some of them actually remembered me from back when I was Chairman of The Texas Music Association. My how times change. Susan Reed was on that board. (The first woman to serve as District Attorney in SA, too) We often forget that the media is looking for stories and will jump if you know how to frame it for them.

David and I spoke of working on a project together. What a blast that would be. He is a pitch perfect singer. No AutoTune needed for this guy!

Check him out.

Thursday Night - Jimmy Spacek & RB Blackstone with Bob Charles. Sams 10/16 8pm

Bob Charles - Jimmy Spacek - RB Blackstone
Jimmy Spacek & RB Blackstone with special guest, Bob Charles.
Takin' the stage again at Sams, 

Jimmy Spacek is a monster guitar player and all round groovy guy. An internationally known original Texas blues artist, he blends classic and southern influences into his own personal style.
RB Blackstone is a well known Producer and accomplished keyboard player.
Bob Charles is arguably one of the best guitar players alive. He writes and sings well, too. Bobby rarely plays at Sams - better be there!
Gene Godley on drums and DC Olson on bass round out a smokin' hot night of music that will make the rest of the week fly by.
This is a monthly music series featuring great blues and roots music.
It's the Blues and Roots Music Revue

RIP Neil Armstrong - No words in a vacuum.

Neal Armstrong RIP - Moon Flag at half mast

This from San Antonio Current - Best of San Antonio

(Tie) Salmon Peak Recording Studio and Blue Cat Studios

Salmon Peak Recording Studio